Why Top Brand Trust Us

As one of the top led light manufacturers, Burninglux specialises in designing and led bulb manufacturing of different types  since 2008.

We have got all valid certifications meeting U.S and EU standards.

As a business we aim to deliver highest quality of products at reasonable prices to our customers and partners. Working with us comes with several benefits:

  • All sales come from product engineers
  • QC manager from SGS
  • 10 Years LED lighting manufacturing experience
  • More than 30 set plastic injection machines
  • Free tooling for order over 50K pieces
  • RoHS,CE,EMC testing certification

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  1. 100% Inspection for Each Part before Assembly

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    We carry out quality inspection for each lighting component and plastic parts before assembly process commences. That guarantees all light parts function and look exactly the same as described in your requirements for the production process.

  2. Professional assembly department

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    Assembling all components and accessories into the finished products are carried out by professional workers and qualified supervisors are responsible for the final product approval.

  3. Satisfy All Your Packaging Requirements

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    Following product inspection, we will package goods according to all your requirements. Color of the box, double blister or pallet. We will also send you detailed pictures of each packaging process.

  4. Safe and on Time Shipment

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    Each shipment preparation is carried out under close supervision. We will provide pictures of each step of the process including photographs of the secured container. Due to strict guidelines and close supervision at all times we are able to eliminate mistakes in loading your goods.

  5. You will get all loading pictures and documents

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    We will provide you with all loading pictures, and our experienced freight team will send you all documents after loading is completed.


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