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flicker flame bulb

As it coming to the festival of the year, there are many kinds of featured products showed on the market.
And among the products with lights, recently Burninglux like to recommend one product with atmosphere , fake flame lights.


Recently there are many news of catching a fire, so you see the fire accident is very terrible.
One shop with good business may be destroyed by a fire. And some western restaurants with Candlelight Dinner may also be on fire .

Then, do we have to refuse this romantic?


We believe that this kind of candle light can make feeling of atmosphere very well.


is it the real candle fire?

Not yet.

But it has the real flame flickering.


It the much more safe lighting products.

More real flame effect.

It can let the place without contamination by burning.

It make the Candlelight Dinner more warmly.


It is the burninglux’s fake flame light


it can make the fire effect showed by LED.


It make a romantic more eco-friendly.

Here please look the video of the flame effect fire

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