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What is the filament bulb lifespan, are you really enjoy the look of these bulbs but want longer-lasting lights?

Consider trying LED filament bulbs which can be used on dining room chandeliers.

LED filament bulbs use traditional-aesthetic components of vintage and standard incandescent lighting, such as shape and traditional glass shielded circuits.

However, the LED emitters within the bulbs last for a longer period of time than the edison lights string.

With these lights you still get the vintage look of Edison light bulbs, but instead of only having about 1000 lumen-hours, filament bulb lifespan is  approximately 15,000  hours.

However, this is much shorter than the average lumen life of regular LED bulbs which typically last around 50,000 hours on average.

This has to do with the type of LEDs being used in the filament bulbs along with fragileness and the possibility of overheating.

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