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Technical exchange: the advantage of led bulbs for home

LED bulb is a new type of energy-saving lamps which is more efficient, energy efficient and more stable than traditional incandescent lamps.

At present, under the situation of global energy supply, improving resource utilization and greatly reducing energy consumption have been the consensus for governments. As a green energy-saving and environmental protection light source, LED light source has more competitive advantages than traditional lighting products, and has become the fourth-generation lighting source. “.

Convenience is a remarkable feature of LED bulbs. Although LED lighting products have entered thousands of households, incandescent lamps and electronic energy-saving lamps still occupy a very high proportion in people’s daily use, and better promote products in the future. Many manufacturers are more suitable for incandescent lamps in product design. They have strong versatility, and the existing interface methods can be used, making it more convenient for people to use.

LED bulbs are safer than traditional incandescent or energy-saving lamps. The temperature of ordinary energy-saving lamps will be around 70 °C, and the temperature of traditional incandescent lamps will be as high as 90 °C. If you accidentally touch it, it will cause burns. The operating temperature of the led bulb is relatively lower, about 40 ° C, there is a heat dissipation design inside the bulb, and there will be no burns.

LED bulbs have a long life span, which is several times than traditional bulbs. Generally, the life of traditional bulbs is 1000 hours, and the one of energy saving bulb is 8000 hours. It will take a long time to solve the problem. The hot-selling LED bulbs on the market can last for more than 40,000 hours, can be used for a long time, and also save electricity costs.

It is a well-known designer and manufacturer of LED lighting products. It has strong strength in the field of LED lighting technology. Product development has broken through the technical difficulties of completely replacing 100W incandescent lamps. The luminous power of the products is only 10W, and the luminous efficiency is very high, reaching 160lm. /W, greatly improve the efficiency of power utilization, and use a smaller power to send brighter lighting.

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