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20Aug 2018
aerolux rose bulb

Hits: 6   How do you make a light bulb interesting? If you said make it more energy efficient, get outta’ here and stop being boring! Just kidding, energy efficiency is a noble and interesting pursuit… but what may be even more interesting (or at least purty) are these vintage light bulb with rose inside. […]

22Jul 2018
led light bulbs for home use

Hits: 23 Technical exchange: the advantage of led bulbs for home LED bulb is a new type of energy-saving lamps which is more efficient, energy efficient and more stable than traditional incandescent lamps. At present, under the situation of global energy supply, improving resource utilization and greatly reducing energy consumption have been the consensus for […]

16May 2018
dining room chandeliers

Hits: 26  What is the filament bulb lifespan, are you really enjoy the look of these bulbs but want longer-lasting lights? Consider trying LED filament bulbs which can be used on dining room chandeliers. LED filament bulbs use traditional-aesthetic components of vintage and standard incandescent lighting, such as shape and traditional glass shielded circuits. However, […]

12May 2018

Hits: 26   AS we know the people of west country believe in GOD, most of the festival be related with Jesus, like Easter Day, Christmas Day & etc This kind of bulb were customized by one of our old German customer, it sold very well in his country. Because the bulb is not bright enough, it is used […]

01May 2018

Hits: 12What are vintage light bulbs or LED retro bulbs? Up until now, LED bulbs have looked adequately unconventional. This is primarily due to the use of collapsed dent based LEDs that accept provided actual little in the way of architecture flexibility. Some manufacturers such as CREE accept developed different fiber belfry technology to align […]

23Apr 2018

Hits: 22   Latest LED Technology and Trends in the LED Industry Although abounding industries are authoritative abundant strides if it comes to new technology and trends, the LED industry is absolutely amidst the leaders. Over the endure decade, the LED industry has accomplished amazing advance and change, with new applications, accretion efficiencies and lower […]

01Apr 2018

Hits: 51As it coming to the festival of the year, there are many kinds of featured products showed on the market. And among the products with lights, recently Burninglux like to recommend one product with atmosphere , fake flame lights.   Recently there are many news of catching a fire, so you see the fire […]

11Mar 2018

Hits: 49Where can you use flicking flame bulbs? Frosted lamps look better with these bulbs because the texture of lamp dissipates the warm glow perfectly. Make your bedroom brighter without changing the cozy ambiance (Lunite LED Flame Effect Light Bulbs emit both yellow and white light). Improve your living room or gaming room ambiance by […]